How To Play

Australian Mahjong League developed the first ever Mahjong League in Australia with uniform rules, points scoring and fantastic major cash prizes!

We developed our rules after researching the many International and Chinese Mahjong rules around the world. The basis of our rules comes from the traditional Hong Kong Mahjong style of play and has been modified over the past 6 years based on feedback from our valued members.

Regardless of which style of mahjong you are used to playing our rules can easily be learnt and played by anyone who is familiar with the international game of mahjong.

Learn how to play today!

We have players from all over the world including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Philippines, Australia and many more.

We invite you to come and play mahjong at one of our premier venues toady.

We guarantee you will enjoy the fun, social and competitive atmosphere of our mahjong tournaments.

Winning Hands (Chinese Traditional) (漢字)